What is the Best Age to Start Archery?

Archery has become one of the fastest growing sports as people of all ages flock to learn a skill that seems to be featured in most of the current blockbuster movies. The sport is a perfect mix of ancient instinct, muscle memory conditioner and the coolest pop culture phenomenon.
The good news for anyone who has a child keen to become the next Katniss Evergreen or Legolas, is archery classes and clubs are easily accessible to anyone living close to a main urban or rural area. Other activities and places that may have archery on the curriculum are your local scouts, private school, summer camp or bowhunting enthusiasts group.

What is the Best Age to Start Learning Archery?

If a parent wants the family to learn archery together or if you have a child pestering for a lesson it is reassuring to know that there really is no age barrier to trying out the sport. All that is needed for some gains to be had is a small amount of discipline and fitness.
For a kid to get the most benefit from a lesson and have fun into the bargain, it is a good thing to ascertain if your child can listen to a little coaching. It is vital that they pay attention to the teacher’s safety tips and will attend a few lessons regularly in the beginning so that the techniques become well practiced.
What is so beneficial about a child learning a new sport is that it can be a bonding experience. They can get out, meet new people, and have a unique encounter that they will remember forever. It is a good thing to start your child out in the sport of archery as it is a stand-alone sport with no real competitiveness at the start – this will give he or she the chance to learn without pressure from another’s size or weight impeding their confidence levels.
The earlier your son or daughter can begin to learn the stance, techniques and equipment functionality, the earlier they can start to feel comfortable in the archery environment. There are child-size bows available to buy online but until the passion to make archery a long-time pursuit kicks in it is probably easier to use the bows provided by your local archery club.

The Benefits of Attending Classes at Your Local Archery Club

A visit to your local archery club will help you, and whichever family member who wants to learn the sport, see the action in real life without a full-on commitment. There you will discover many people who are devoted to archery and can answer any questions you may have. Archers are passionate about the sport and will gladly help out by providing more information.
There are places in some communities that host youth instructional leagues. There may be one close to you that offers archery lessons with certified instructors on hand to guide the beginner archer. They are particularly good at inspiring children to take the first steps in archery practice.

Why Choose Archery as a Sport for Your Child or Yourself?

According to statistics, archery is safer and more protected than every other ball sport offered by schools – except maybe ones like table tennis or bowls! It is available as both an indoor and an outdoor activity all year round which makes it perfect for anyone living in countries prone to extreme weather conditions.
Archery is more than just a passing fad – it’s a sport that is growing globally: one out of 12 people participate in it and it was the most watched sport in the 2012 London Olympics. It’s more than simply standing in front of a target and shooting arrows because it teaches many other things too; a child is never too young to learn some of the skills archery can teach.
If you feel that your child is old enough to learn solid life lessons such as persistence, confidence and patience, then it is probably time for them to attend an archery lesson.
Archery is a very structured sport placed in a fun environment so children benefit from the exciting atmosphere as well as the disciplined techniques. This is a winning combination for a child to experience.
Young people learn to wait their turn, listen to and follow directions, set their own goals and challenge themselves. These instructions help build a child’s character, something that the child can benefit from for the rest of their life.
On top of being a brag-worthy activity any child would be proud to say they participate in, archery brings a lot to the table when discussing better balance and co-ordination skills. Drawing a bow far back enough to hit a target strengthens the muscles in the arms and the core of the torso. This improves posture, balance and stability. Hand-eye coordination is sharpened and the child’s muscle memory is developed.

All of these points are solid reasons to allow your child to start learning and participating in the noble sport of archery from the time the first watch “The Hunger Games” and say that is what they would like to do. The confidence levels of any youngster attending archery classes scores very high.
Another reason parents are happy to allow their children to learn archery is that it is a good sport for boys and girls, men and women – the entire family can attend classes. Whether it is a group activity or a special hobby one member of the family chooses to do on their own, archery is an accessible sport.
What many children find instantly appealing when first trying the sport out is the cool kit that comes with it. Kids can customise their belts and bags and the bows are available in a variety of colors and choices. This personalization of the kit is what stands archery out from other sports.
Added to this attractive child-friendliness is the bonus of Vitamin D being absorbed during outside tournaments, a good physique being formed and up to 5 miles (8kms) being walked during an average tournament, and you can see that anyone will score big healthy points for attending archery lessons.

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